Who We Are

Central Area Development Association (CADA) is a non profit community based development corporation in Seattle, WA. CADA was established in 1994 to work on the revitalization of the Central Area neighborhood. As a community based development organization, CADA pursues activities that will revitalize, build, and improve the Central Area neighborhood.

CADA’s community building work respects the presence of diversity within the neighborhood. CADA also respects the diverse perspectives of the community. With this respect, CADA encourages and engages in substantive dialog with its constituency. With this dialog, CADA moves forward to implement community supported change and achieve its mission with conscious.

CADA’s business approach involves taking actions that are aligned with its mission, passion and intentions to contribute. This approach has allowed CADA to attract the right partners and right opportunities at the right time. CADA’s approach has earned it the creditability to sustain and make visible contributions toward the revitalization of the Central Area.


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