Welch Plaza
403 23rd Avenue South Seattle, WA 98144

Welch Plaza is a mixed-use development containing 162 units of housing and 18,000 square feet of commercial, completed in 2004. This project was pursued in an effort to remove the obvious blight along the corner of 23rd Ave. & S. Jackson St. Prior to the development of Welch Plaza, the site was the combination of a vacant lot and the vacant former Welch Hardware store. The site was developed by CADA in conjunction with Lorig & Associates, a leading private real estate developer.

The development of Welch Plaza has created housing, business and employment opportunities in the Central Area community. Additionally it has filled the void that was once on the 23rd & Jackson business corridor. Welch Plaza is one of CADA's larger achievements. CADA is proud to serve the community with this project.

Welch was originally built as 3 apartment buildings with 162 units of market rate and affordable apartment housing. However, in January 2005, one of the buildings was converted into condominiums. Welch Plaza now consists of 92 units of rental housing and 72 units of condominiums.

Welch Plaza's commercial tenants are a diverse mix of businesses. These new tenants include James Donaldson Physical Therapy and Fitness Center, Lorig Property Management, NPower, Rise N Shine and Washington Mutual Bank. The locations of all of the new tenants are the first business presences they have in the Central Area.

Works of art by local artist were commission specifically for Welch Plaza. Augusta Asberry's Woman's Mark depicting African woman dancers is located on site. "Talking Chair" by Frank Video celebrating the historical moments of the Central Area are also featured at Welch Plaza.


Residential Units: 162
Housing Type:
New construction rental housing and commercial space
Project Type:
CADA & Lorig and Associates as (Jackson Square, LLC)
Project Cost:
$26.9 Million
19.5 Million Bank of America, $1.7 Million (Loan and Development Grants from the City of Seattle, Office of Economic Development), $500,000 Office of Housing 4.5 Million Private Equity Investors

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