Promenade 23 Shopping Center
2301 South Jackson Street, Seattle, WA 98144


Promenade 23 Shopping Center is a resource location to purchase goods and services in the Central Area community. The conglomerate of 30 local and national businesses has revived economic activity at the 23rd and Jackson business node. Promenade 23 stores are located on both sides of S. Jackson Street. They are commonly referred to as Promenade North and Promenade South.

Promenade South has been in the community since 1979. Unfortunately, Promenade South's business activity became stagnant. Owners, Promenade 23 Associates, decided to develop Promenade North. Promenade North filled the long time vacant lot across the street. Development of the complex spans between 1996 and 1998. The first signs of revitalization along the 23rd & Jackson business node began with the redevelopment of Promenade 23 shopping Center.

As a limited partner of Promenade 23 Associates, CADA assisted in recruiting several of the anchor tenants of Promenade North. Walgreen's, eager to do business in the Central Area, was one of the first anchor tenants. However, recruiting Starbucks Coffee to Promenade required more effort. After a lengthy recruitment effort, Starbucks agreed to open one of its first inner city stores at Promenade. The stand alone building that houses Starbucks, vacant for nearly two years, was now bursting with activity. After only a few months of opening, Starbucks and Walgreen's became top producing stores. The success of these stores attracted more tenants to Promenade. Other major businesses include: Red Apple Grocery, Hollywood Video, Papa Murphy's Pizza , Safeco Insurance and the City of Seattle 's Department of Neighborhoods.

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