Madrona Woods

In September 2007, CADA worked in conjunction with The Friends of Madrona Woods (FMW). The Friends of Madrona Woods, a non profit, are working to turn Madrona Park, a nine acre urban forest, into a welcoming place for people and wildlife. Additionally, they are working to allow this urban forest to maintain its natural qualities and sustain in an urban area. Pepperdine University Alumni Association and community residents provided volunteer labor to assist FMW's Daylighting Project.

The Daylighting Project will allow the Madrona Park Creek to naturally flow into Lake Washington. It will also allow the creation of a series of ponds and fish-passable pathways. Pepperdine and resident volunteers planted trees along the Lake Washington shoreline to support this effort. Grant funds were provided by Washington Mutual Bank and NeighborWorks® America.



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