Isaiah Edwards Park

Isaiah Edward Memorial Art Garden was a neighborhood pocket park. This park was created via the efforts and collaboration of CADA and Coyote Jr. High School. The park was designed with bright and lively colors. It also incorporated sculpted art work.

In 1996, CADA obtained usage rights from Mrs. Isaiah Edwards to create a park on her vacant land parcel. This parcel of land sat vacant in between two commercial buildings. In consideration, the park located on S. Jackson St. near 25th Ave. S., was named after her late husband, Isaiah Edwards. Mr. Edwards was a Central Area community activist, civil rights leader and youth advocate.

Coyote Jr. High School first presented the idea of converting this nuisance space into a useful community art park. Coyote Jr. High known for its art program, created the designs and artwork installed in the park. The park was filled with Coyote Jr. High's signature tile art. The community also included their design ideas and volunteer labor to create the park. Mary Beth Satterlee, Coyote Jr. High Director, and John Park were strong forces in completing this project. Performed in two phases, Isaiah Edwards was completed in 1997.

In 2005, CADA re-painted the fading walls of Isaiah Edwards Park. Youth from the Central Area Rotary Boys and Girls Club performed the work. The walls of the park were repainted to read, "Isaiah Edwards Park. Community Space for All".

Unfortunately, the following year the park was destroyed. The park will be replaced by a future real estate development. A private developer, who now owns the land, will be adding to the development activity occurring along S. Jackson St.

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