CADA was created to implement the objectives of the Central Area Action Plan. The plan also referred to as the Central Area Neighborhood Plan details the neighborhood's revitalization objectives. The plan is the result of a summit meeting including the City of Seattle and the Central Area community.

CADA was incorporated in 1994. CADA was one of three organizations created to implement the goals of the revitalization plan. CADA was designated to start its work along the 23rd Ave. S. & S. Jackson St. business node. To date, CADA is the only organization still in existence.


CADA's mission is to revitalize the Central Area neighborhood by enhancing the economic vitality, affordability and livability of the Central Area of Seattle.

CADA works to achieve its mission by focusing on three core lines of business. These lines of business are categorized as Developing Mixed Use Projects, Acquiring and Rehabilitating Multifamily Buildings and Providing Physical Enhancement Programs. All of CADA's business activities correlate with these lines of business.

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