Harvey Apartments
2615 E. Cherry Street Seattle, WA 98122

The Harvey Apartments have been a part of the Central Area community for several decades. The 20 unit building was built in the early 1900's and was a currency exchange building. In approximately 1920, the building was converted into an apartment building. The building offers wonderful character with hardwood floors, high ceilings, bay windows, and old fashion claw foot bath tubs.

Unfortunately, over the years, the Harvey Apartments became known for being an neighborhood eye sore and a site of public nuisances for the 27th Ave. & E. Cherry St. corridor. Seeking another opportunity to revitalize, CADA was able to purchase the building in 1999.

After the acquisition, CADA made substantial improvements to the building. The improvements included bringing the building up to electrical code, minor structural work, new windows, improved lighting, exterior and interior painting and new appliances. The renovations were performed during the occupancy of existing tenants.

Building improvements affected the Harvey Apartment positively. The building became aesthetically attractive on the interior and exterior, which attracted the renter's market. The increased security measures to the building helped reduce "uninvited guest" from entering the building. Reliable on-site management was added to monitor the building and take corrective measures were needed. The rental criteria and standards of the building were improved, which helped to reduce renter issues and increased building performance.

The rehabilitation of the Harvey Apartments improved the Central Area in two ways, affordable housing and neighborhood improvement. The Harvey Apartments provide quality and comfortable affordable housing to individuals and families at or below 50% and 65% of the median income. Units of the Harvey have traditionally served individuals and families.


Residential Units: 20
Housing Type:
Housing for families and individuals at or below 50% of the median income
Project Type:
Acquisition, moderate rehabilitation
Project Cost:
$1.9 million
Washington Community Reinvestment Alliance State of Washington, Office of Community Development City of Seattle, Office of Housing

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