Who owns CADA?

CADA is a non profit corporation.  It is not owned by any one person.  CADA is directed and managed by the CADA Board and Staff.


Where is the Central Area Neighborhood?

The Central Area neighborhood is located in Seattle, Washington.  It is located adjacently southeast of downtown Seattle.  Please click on map.


What are the boundaries of the Central Area neighborhood?

The boundaries of the Central Area neighborhood are from, east to west, Lake Washington to 12th Ave and from, north to south, Madison Ave. to the I-90 lid or to Massachusetts St.


Are other neighborhoods such as Madrona and Leschi in the Central Area neighborhood?

Yes. Neighborhood communities such as Jackson Place, Squire Park, Madrona, Judkins Place, Garfield, Miller Park and Leschi are all inclusive of the Central Area neighborhood.


Does CADA have any rental apartments available for me to rent?

Yes.  The Harvey Apartments, Squire Park Plaza, Union James Apartments and Welch Plaza offer rental housing opportunities.  Please contact the leasing managers for current availability and rental rates.  For the Harvey and Union James Apartments, call (206) 726-6108. For Squire Park Plaza, call (206) 860-5000. For Welch Plaza, call (206) 320-0333.


Does CADA have any retail or office space available for lease?

Yes.  Main Street Condominiums, Squire Park Plaza and Welch Plaza all offer retail and office space.  Contact Kent Angier, Kauri Investments, at (206) 447-0303 for space at Main Street Condominiums. Contact George Staggers, CADA, (206) 328-2240 for space at Squire Park Plaza. Contact Lorig and Associates, (206) 728-7660, for space at Welch Plaza.


Can CADA help me to own a home? Or Can CADA help me to save my home from foreclosure?

No.  At this time, CADA does not provide any homeownership counseling and assistance services. Nor does CADA offer any home foreclosure counseling programs.  For foreclosure assistance, you may contact 1-800-995-HOPE.


Can I make a financial contribution to CADA?

Yes!  CADA accepts monetary donations. Please click Organizational Funding.


How can I volunteer with CADA?

Please contact CADA's Program Administrator, Erica Porter, for volunteer opportunities.


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