Central Park Trail

Central Park Trail is an 3/4 mile urban walking trail. The trail connects several parks in the Central Area neighborhood. The trail connects the Sam Smith Park(I-90 Lid Park), Judkins Park, Blanche Lavizzo Park, Bradley Park and Pratt Park. The trail provides a pedestrian and bike friendly link in the neighborhood. CADA was a leading effort in the creation of the Central Park Trail. Former CADA
Board member, Karen Daubert, was instrumental in leading this effort.

The Central Park Trail Steering Committee worked to direct the project. With the assistance of local government, numerous community volunteers and $450,000 of grant funding, the trail was completed in 1998. It was designed by landscape architects, Nakano Dennis. Along the trail are planted trees and decorative artworks.

The completion of the Central Park Trail allowed for new activity in the community. The parks, which were underutilized, received renewed attention and improvement. CADA sponsored several outdoor park activities, such as youth camps and a summer concert series at Blanche Lavizzo Park.


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