Blanche Lavizzo Park

Blanche Lavizzo Park is a Central Area neighborhood park. This pocket park is named after Dr. Blanche Sellers Lavizzo, who served the Central Area with "Quality Care and Dignity". The park is tucked away near 23rd Ave. and S. Jackson Street.

In 1995 CADA sought to bring renewed life to the park. The park had become neglected and a neighborhood nuisance. CADA worked with the community and the City of Seattle to literally clean up Blanche Lavizzo Park. The efforts were made in conjunction with the creation of the Central Park Trail, an urban trail to connect several Central Area parks.

CADA in association with the Seattle Central Community College and the Wood Construction Center created three art murals. One of these murals, "New Millennium Jazz" was mounted in the amphitheater at Blanche Lavizzo. The other mural, "Light, Values, Change, Space" was placed on the old Welch Hardware building. The third mural was placed on a building on E. Cherry St. & MLK Jr. Way. Former Board member, Don Barrie, was key in completing this effort.

After the revitalization of Blanche Lavizzo, CADA sponsored several summer activities, such as youth camps and a summer concert series in the park. The park became, once again, physically appealing and regained renewed interest. The summer activities produced positive activities that united the community.


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