Jackson Street BIA

The Central Area neighborhood’s largest business district is growing along South Jackson Street. Although the Jackson Street business district is currently the neighborhood’s largest, it is still very much in need of revitalization efforts.  Working to propel economic stimulation, CADA has launched an initiative to designate South Jackson St. as a Business Improvement Area (BIA). With this designation from the City of Seattle, the Jackson Street business district will receive support funding for services and improvements. Click City of Seattle BIAs to learn more.


How will the BIA directly affect the Jackson Street Business District?

The BIA serves as an excellent forum for Jackson Street business owners and property owners to collectively work together on and discuss their mutual interest—improved business. Via the Jackson Street BIA, business owners will be able to receive funding for projects that address areas of improvement.  These projects can include joint marketing efforts, uniform beautification and safety projects, business district signage, hiring professional security, and/or joint promotional events.  Such applications to the business district will increase its attractiveness and strengthen its economy.      


When will the BIA be established?

Since the BIA is funded via dedicated property taxes, property owners along Jackson Street must approve its creation.  CADA is pursuing support petitions to achieve the approval from 65% of area owners.  With 50% of approved support petitions received, CADA continues to work toward the establishment of the BIA.  


What will be CADA’s role in the BIA?

CADA will serve as the BIA administrator once it is established.  Since business owners are busy facilitating day to day operations, CADA will manage the operation of the BIA.  CADA will receive compensation for this responsibility. 


Are Jackson Street business owners supporting the creation of the BIA?

Yes. Several business owners are in support of the BIA.  Some of these same owners are a part of the Jackson Street Business Corridor (JSBC).  The JSBC is an informal business association where Jackson Street business owners are already working together, a precursor to the formal BIA designation.  These businesses include:


  • CASA Latina, a non profit organization, located at 17th & Jackson.
  • Legacy Partners, a private real estate developer, owns and manages the Legacy at Pratt Park at 18th & Jackson.
  • Lorig & Associates, a private real estate developer, co-developed and manages Welch Plaza and also property manages Squire Park Plaza.


Does the BIA designation include all of South Jackson Street?

For the benefit of the Central Area this designation pertains only to the portion of South Jackson Street within the Central Area neighborhood.  This area includes South Jackson Street between 31st Avenue South and Rainier Avenue South.  Click Central Area Boundaries to learn more about the neighborhood’s boundaries.


Will other Central Area business districts be designated BIAs?

Yes. It is CADA’s intent to establish BIA designations for other neighborhood business nodes in the future when feasible. The Jackson Street business node is CADA’s primary focus at this time.  

To learn more about the Jackson Street BIA, call George Staggers, (206) 328-2240.



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