Squire Park Plaza
1710 South Jackson St. Seattle, WA 98144

Squire Park Plaza is a mixed use development containing 59 units of housing and 11,000 square feet of retail and office space.  The plaza replaced a 30 year vacant lot on the corner of 17th Ave. S. & S. Jackson St. This project serves as the first mixed use project that CADA constructed without a development partner.  It also serves as one of the first new developments constructed on S. Jackson Street between 16th and 22nd Avenues after several decades.  The completion of this project in 2008 was considered a major accomplishment for CADA.

Squire Park Plaza’s residential units provide a range of affordable rental housing.  51% of the units, 30 units, are reserved for households with incomes between 50-80% of the area median income (AMI).  The remaining 29 units are market rate rentals available to households with incomes above 80% AMI.  The variety of housing offered at the plaza is an effort to increase housing affordability and reduce neighborhood gentrification.

CADA directly recruited most of its commercial tenants to Squire Park Plaza.  The plaza’s location was the primary reason that retail and office tenants leased at Squire Park Plaza.  Current tenants include Any Lab Test Now, Cheeky Café, Corner Store and Deli, F.I.T.S Accounting and Tax Service, George Stewart, CPA and Immortal Dog.  CADA has also moved its office to Squire Park Plaza.


Residential Units: 59
Housing Type: Mixed Income Rental Housing-50% AMI to Market Rate
Project Type: Mixed Use-New Construction residential and commercial space
Owner: CADA (dba 17th & Jackson LLC)
Project Cost $22.9 Million
Financing: CADA--$4.6 Million, City of Seattle Office of Economic Development--$750,000 Loan, $2.3 Million HUD 108 Loan & $896,815 Grant, Enterprise Community Loan Fund--$30,000 "Green" Grant, $4.8 Million New Market Tax Credits & $2.3 Million Bridge Loan, Home Depot--$3,000 Grant, NeighborWorks® America--$775,668 Grant and JPMorgan Chase--$8.3 Million Loan, $4.8 Million & New Market Tax Credit Equity

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